Normal Service will be resumed shortly (we hope)

The last post on this website was dated November 2018. Since then, the UK policy agenda has been dominated first by Brexit and then the COVID crisis. Most longer-term planning was put aside for rapid responses to short term problems. As it happens, we have had a very busy three years, mainly administering small grant schemes for businesses affected by the COVID lockdowns. It made for a lot of work but it was hard to pick out themes and trends that would merit a blog post. And sometimes, the push to get the money “out of the door” made it harder to ensure that money was well spent.
Now (June 2021) we are looking forward to the end of lockdown and the return to of a slightly longer-term approach to economic development, including the launch of the much delayed UK Shared Prosperity Fund. We will be ready.
Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, we celebrated the 20th anniversary in March this year (in a socially distanced manner).