Local Economy

The Local Economy Policy Unit at London Southbank University was started in the 1980s. LEPU is responsible for publishing “Local Economy” a peer-reviewed academic journal. Dominic Williams is a member of the editorial board of Local Economy and has contributed a number of articles including “Spatial Dimensions of Social Mobility”, the article that was awarded the 2010 Sam Aaronovitch prize. 


Dominic Williams writes under his own name for Local Economy. These articles are usually peer-reviewed and fully referenced, covering topics that have national, as well as local, significance.

Spatial Dimensions of Social Mobility
This is the article that won the Sam Aaronovitch prize. It attempts to explain why we finished up with concentrations of deprivation in certain areas of cities and what might be done about it. Volume 24 No. 8

Social Mobility and the Rise of the Politariat
This was written before the Coalition government unveiled the full scope of its cuts – and manages to be both prophetic and dated at the same time. Volume 24 No 8.

Local Government Funding Freedoms 1997-2010
This is another retrospective, part of a Special Edition on New Labour. However, it is relevant to Hewdon’s work on infrastructure funding and paves the way for the next article. Volume 25 No 5-6.

Industrial Policy
This is a retrospective on British industrial policy (and its absence under New Labour) up to the 2010 General Election. The editor of Local Economy asked me tone down some of my statements about the Bernie Ecclestone affair and the UK involvement in Libya although it now turns out the truth was far worse than I had implied. Volume 25 No 8.

What do Business Rates Measure?
This is a fully referenced and dispassionate reprise of Hewdon’s arguments on LABGI, but it looks in much more detail at the relationship between business rates and economic growth – crucial to any debate over re-localisation of business rates. Volume 26 No 5.

State Aid 2000-10 – The UK Experience

Exactly what it says. Volume 26 Nos 6-7


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